About Us

Child Care Union Leaders

We are Connecticut family child care providers, united in CSEA-SEIU Local 2001, the Child Care Union. In December 2011, providers who participate in Care4Kids voted by 95% to have a union. We then set about winning our groundbreaking contract which provided for the first raise in 13 years!  Our contract also has a process for resolving disputes with Care 4 Kids and it is packed with professional development opportunities, bonuses for achieving quality benchmarks and help to get you there.


We are represented by the Family Child Care Council whose officers were elected from five different regions around Connecticut.  Meetings are held almost every month and are open to members from any town.

All family child care providers who participate in the Care4Kids program may join our union. Membership is completely voluntary, but of course we would have the most impact if the vast majority of providers join–and actively support–our goals of improving Care4Kids rates, reducing payment problems, and gaining wider access to training.

If you are not yet a member, you can download a membership form from this site, or call the union office and sign up over the phone. Call 860-9516614.

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