Questions & Answers about the Child Care Contract

 Child Care Collective Bargaining Agreement

Q. How do I get my raise?A. Become a member of CSEA/SEIU LOCAL 2001 and cast a vote in support of the contract when you get your ballot in the mail.

Q. Am I eligible to vote on this contract?A. All CSEA/SEIU LOCAL 2001 Members who received a Care4Kids check during the month of December 2013 will be eligible to vote. You must be a member of CSEA/SEIU LOCAL 2001 to vote. Fill out the membership form and return it to CSEA/SEIU LOCAL 2001 to ensure your eligibility for this contract vote.

Q. How do I vote?A. Ballots and membership forms will be mailed to all licensed and license-exempt home-based child care providers. If not already a member, you should sign the membership form and cast your vote on the ballot. Mail both the completed membership card and ballot in the envelopes provided for each.
Q. What if I have more questions?A. You can always call or visit the Union Hall at 760 Capitol Avenue in Hartford and ask for a member of the Child Care Team at 860-951-6614 x 122. Informational meetings will also be held around the state during the months of January and/or February where you will be able to ask questions, sign a membership card and cast your vote.
Q. What about dues?A. Dues will not be deducted until the contract has been approved by the State Legislature. The CSEA/SEIU LOCAL 2001 Executive Council, with input from sixty child care providers, has set the dues at 1.5% of the monthly amount each provider receives from Care 4 Kids with a maximum of $35 per month and minimum of $5 per month. For example, if you receive $750 per month, your dues will be $11.50 per month. If you receive $2000 per month, your dues will be $30 per month.

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