Child Care Providers Rising

Family Child Care Providers have been working for more than a decade to win improvements for themselves and the children in their care. Nearly 100,000 family providers and other child care workers have united in SEIU Kids First:

  • In Illinois, nearly 50,000 family providers gained the ability to negotiate with the state in 2005–and two years later won 35% rate increase, access to health care, and expanded training.
  • In Washington, in 2006, family child care providers united to win better rates, access to health care, training bonuses, and expanded access to the federal food program.
  • In Oregon, in 2007, family child care providers won improvements to rates and expanded training–and higher rates for providers completing training. Oregon providers also won lower co-payments for parents, lowering the cost for working families.
  • In Maryland, in 2009, family providers through their first union contract won higher state reimbursement rates–only the second rate increase since 2002.
  • In Massachusetts, in 2011 providers voted overwhelmingly to form their union and are now working with the state’s Department of Early Education and Care to expand training and shape the state’s Quality Rating Improvement System.
  • In Connecticut, providers voted for CSEA-SEIU Local 2001 95%-5% in ballots counted in December 2011. Governor Malloy has directed the Department of Social Services to meet with the providers’ union.
  • Download and read the whole story
    of how family providers are raising
    pay and improving children’s care:
  • SEIU-Working Together

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